Edwin Stevens

is from Llanfairfechan on the North Wales coast.
He lives in Glasgow, Scotland.

Very Bon Books, 2020

276 pages in an A6, Perfect Bound book with a hand stamped cover designed and laid out by Matthew Walkerdine.

A novel of fourteen  stories revolving around a fake North Wales Holiday Park.

One of Dennis Cooper’s favourite fiction books of 2020.
Also featured here on four books he read recently and loved.

Seagulls is Stevens’ debut novel, a sordid glimpse of an imagined North Walean life, depressing and disgusting but somehow magical, and a version of Pontins quite unfamiliar to that place you may have visited as a child. While I was reading I picked a scab on my ear until it bled and got blood on page 74. It seemed quite fitting. Bumming, wrestling, circumcision, pubey chips, Crosby, Stills, and Nash – it really has it all. Stevens’ capacity for evocative description and dreamlike scene-setting is impeccable. By the end, I was part-aroused, part-nauseated, part-wistful, part-drunk with excitement for his next work. Stevens is my favourite scumbag angel, his first book a perfect flash of his gross, rotting, and beautiful head, and I hope that his hilarious and vivid voice will soon be in your head, too.” – Blair James, Manchester Review of Books

"A new major work from Glasgow’s Edwin Stevens. From behind the myth of musical outputs of Irma Vep, Yerba Mansa and countless other fine acts, Edwin has graced us with a piece of fiction which is stated as ‘NSFW’. Local regional stuff which is character driven, funny-not-funny- and funny again, add a little bit of dark. This comes extremely highly recommended. The first book from new Glasgow publisher Very Bon." - Good Press

"Don't be fooled by the slick cover there's all sorts of sick stuff inside and with that, glimpses of love stories, friendship and sweet delusions. It's truly good as you'd expect from Edwin...14 unreliable stories revolving around a fake holiday park in North Wales...disgusting and funny and sometimes even sweet."


Seagulls + Shipping

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Museums Press / A Plume, 2018

135mm x 210mm, 20 pages, black and red risograph throughout, saddle stitched, edition of 100, 2018

Very Considerate is a short story by writer and musician Edwin Stevens. Told from the perspective of a protagonist antagonised by their present, their past, and a world that’s too loud, its cumulative stanza’s creep up on you, gathering and staggering through a-day-in-the-life-of laced with ritual habits, grimacing images.

Stevens is not shy of the explicit, the adult, the bodily fluids, the soft-lit afternoon delights, the darkest fantasies and the avert-your-eyes realities. He tattoos his mark across characters; places; talismans; vehicles; inner monologues that circle thought like a bad habit; dialogues that unfold like a tic; rural fictions; holiday park fictions; next door neighbour fictions; local shop fictions; rubbish job fictions; nights at the social club fictions



Swan Pedalo (Short Story),  2021
SEAGULLS (a novel), 2020
Very Considerate (short story), 2018
A Plume Annual Volume Two (co-editor)
‘Review’ (short story), From Glasgow to Saturn
‘Mick’ (short story), Front Horse Issue 5

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